Liquid bulk cargo transportation

Liquid bulk cargo transportation
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Leo West Group provides the services for the transportation of liquid bulk cargo of all categories, both in international and domestic trafic, and services related to this direction of cargo transportation, applying fair prices and ensuring high quality of the order fulfillment!

TANK TRUCKS (liquid bulk cargo transportation), Our tractive units, that comply with the “EURO V” ecological requirements, coupled with tank semi-trailers with a capacity of 24 to 30 m³ and a carrying capacity of up to 30 tons, have the following characteristics:

  • thermo-tanks ensure that in the process of transportation, the heat loss of the cargo is no more than 2ºС per day. They are used for the transportation of liquid bulk cargoes with a high melting point. In the summer, the thermo-tanks are irreplaceable in the transportation of dairy products and juice concentrates;
  • steam-jacketed tanks are used for the transportation of dense and viscous liquid products requiring warming up before discharge. The tank is equipped with a special circuit, which provides hot steam and has the ability to heat the cargo in winter.
  • autonomous heating tanks have special equipment that helps maintain the temperature of liquid cargo at the required level throughout the entire transportation;
  • single-section tanks are the most convenient at loading/unloading of the same type of cargo;
  • multi-section tanks are used for the transportation of several varieties of the product, with incomplete loading of the tank, as well as for separate delivery to several consignees.

The main group of liquid bulk cargoes carried by our company consists of chemicals of all kinds, including dangerous substances, agricultural products (sunflower oil, juices, wine, etc.), automobile oils, as well as raw materials for the food industry which is transported in bulk.

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