International cargo transportation

International cargo transportation
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One of the main components of foreign economic activity is international cargo transportation.

Leo-West Group annually gains invaluable experience and increases the level of service in such field as international cargo transportation.
The acquired experience allows us to carry out domestic and international automobile transportations. The organization of international transportations consists of full support of the cargo, which includes the preparation of the route, the registration of the required package of documents, monitoring of execution, preservation of cargo.

Leo-West Group provides a full range of services for the organization of transportation of export and import cargoes by automobile transport.

We provide cargo forwarding services for transportation of various types of cargo between CIS countries (Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia), Baltic States (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia) and Europe (Poland, Germany, Netherlands, Hungary, Romania, France, Spain, etc.); we serve export and import deliveries of both ordinary and specific cargoes, and cargos requiring compliance with certain conditions during transportation: perishable, liquid, dangerous, requiring compliance with the temperature regime. We own more than 500 units of equipment (both own and partner cars) for the transportation of cargo in international traffic of any possible load capacity and with any type of cargo compartment.

The cars of the company have a TIR carnet book that will ease your material costs and save time on customs brokerage operations.

Highly qualified specialists of the International Transport Department will accept your order for the carriage of cargo, pick up the necessary rolling stock, develop the optimal route of the car, calculate the cost of cargo, control the process of moving the cargo from the point of loading to the point of unloading.

Upon request, we can provide cars with a carrying capacity from 3 tons to 22 tons and a volume from 3 m3 to 120 m3 with a tent load compartment, isothermal, refrigerator, or tank trucks, container trucks, grain trucks and dump trucks, open platforms and special equipment for the transportation of oversized cargo.

We will arrange a timely professional delivery of cargoes