Automobile cargo transportation

Automobile cargo transportation
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To satisfy the needs of the clients, Leo-West Group also provides the service of organizing the automobile transportation in international traffic.

9% of international transport corridors pass through the territory of Ukraine .Volumes of automobile cargo transportation comprise about 150 million tons, both in the domestic market, and on the international and transit lines annually. Leo-West Group provides containerized automobile cargo delivery across the territory of Ukraine and countries of Western Europe.

The range of cargo transported by the company is quite wide: from equipment to oversized cargo, foodstuffs, as well as goods with a temperature mode of transportation.
Advantages of automobile delivery of cargo are obvious:

  • Speed and prompt delivery;
  • Possibility of consolidation of goods and deliveries of small batches;
  • Flexibility in provision of batches upon request of the client;
  • Possibility of “standby” transportation;
  • Transportation of cargo under customs control.

Starting from March 2012, Leo-West Group carries out automobile transportation both by container carriers and tilt-covered automobiles.

We will arrange a timely professional delivery of cargoes