Marine container transportation

Marine container transportation
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Direct contracts with shorelines together with regular loads provide the company with the opportunity to form the most advantageous price offers for sea freight and freight as a whole.

Leo-West Group provides optimal schemes for marine container transportation in combination with a partner–the known worldwide Maersk company.

Our staff and partner agents at the loading ports (for import) guarantee the timely availability of equipment and space on the vessels, coordinating the process with shippers.
“Export makes import” – this formula is used by our company as a means for ensuring the return container packing. Therefore, the volume of export shipments by the company relates to the volume of import shipments.

During marine cargo transportation, the port operations, cargo movements at sea, and ship-and-arrival control are monitored by the most up-to-date devices, which enables the logistics company to operate an accurate and valid information about the cargo position.

We will arrange a timely professional delivery of cargoes