Transportation of oversized equipment and devices

Transportation of oversized equipment and devices
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For the transportation of oversized equipment, metal and reinforced concrete structures, the company Leo-West Group offers a variety of rolling stock, suitable for the transportation of a certain type of cargo. These are open platforms for container vessels, Jumbo type semi-trailers, special telescopic or low-floor trailers, equipped with all necessary equipment.

By choosing your means of transportation, we take into account not only its geometric sizes but also weight characteristics, since the precise calculation is an important component of successful transportation and the opportunity to save money. We value the time and money of our clients, so the company’s specialists always offer the best solutions in terms of price/quality ratio.
The company has established connections with domestic and foreign companies and government agencies that ensure the safe and timely travel of oversized road trains in their regions.

Transportation of oversized equipment and devices is carried out in Ukraine and the CIS, Eurasia, and Asia.

For the transportation of harvesters and tractors, we use the Jumbo type low-loader semitrailers with wheel arches and low-lift tracks with a lifting height of 0.5-0.6 m. The company also has telescopic trailers with a loading height of 0.80 m, lengthening from 10.0 m to 21.0 m. For the arrival of equipment on the platform, special light alloy ramps are used, or there is the possibility of self-arrival of equipment through the removable front of the trawl.

Hinged equipment–seeders, buckets, mowers, harrow–constitutes the main difficulty of transporting agricultural machinery. When choosing a transport for such a carriage, we take into account not only the weight and dimensions but also the possibility of placing hinged aggregates on the same platform, which allows us to maximize the savings of our clients.

We will arrange a timely professional delivery of cargoes